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Studio Cutie strives to offer value services at competitive rates. Below are listed the various services Studio Cutie offers for pages. Clients can mix and match to suit their needs from the most basic level (simply placing the text in the balloons) to the most advanced levels such as reversing the flow of the pages and seamlessly replacing the Japanese sound effects with their scripted equivalents.

Basic Lettering removing the original text from the balloons and replacing it with the English script.

Sound Effects the graphic representation of sounds on a page

Retouch redrawing artwork covered by the English or sound FX

Flop and Cleaning Changing the orientation of the pages (or certain panels) from Eastern to Western and cleaning around errors this creates or eliminating junk on the pages

Captions and new balloons Sometimes the requirements of the story differ in English versus the Japanese. It can become necessary to change balloons into caption boxes, combine balloons, change spoken balloons to thought balloons (or vice versa), or even add whole new balloons.


No one is perfect, even us. Therefore it is necessary for an editor to proof their work and offer corrections to make sure the book is the best that it can be. Studio Cutie offers the first ten percent of corrections free (10 out of every 100 pages of a book) no questions asked. After that a modest per-page fee will be charged. Corrections come in two flavors: those mistakes in the work that the editor finds that are reasonably Studio Cutie's responsibility (typos, missed or dropped FX, retouch errors) and those that are based on decisions made by the editor after the work has been submitted. The former will not be charged for at all as those were our mistakes (although they will count towards the ten percent). The latter generally come in the form of something the editor wants added at the last minute or mistakes in the script that came from the publisher's side.


Editing Studio Cutie's staff has spent years working with editors and in some cases have even worked as editors. For a modest fee, Studio Cutie is prepared to proof and prepare your manga project for publication without you having to do anything!

Trafficking Along with editing, Studio Cutie is capable of shepherding your project through the entire production cycle from editing to finished book. We can interface with your production department at any level and any step along the way.

Rescripting A simple tool for making manga great but often overlooked is the localization of the script text for the book. A translated script is more than just a one for one exchange of foreign text but even so it can lack the nuance of character and turn of phrase the target language requires. Rescripting is a process where a translated script is polished to bring out these little details and make your books sing!

Translation Studio Cutie offers a full complement of contract translation services for your comics. We can translate to and from French and Japanese. Translation services do usually require some rescripting in order for books to make the transition into their new culture.