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Studio Cutie

No More Bad Lettering!


Studio Cutie offers a one-stop shop for editors who want an experienced hand to help guide their manga smoothly from scanned Japanese art and a translated script to digital files ready for publishing in the American market. Studio Cutie has assembled a body of lettering artists who have a combined 38 years of lettering experience at all major comic book companies. Studio Cutie is a lettering studio whose owner, Susie Lee, has over nine years experience retouching some of the most popular manga titles published in the American market including Oh, My Goddess, Gunsmith Cats, and Barefoot Gen


Manga publishers who have properties that need lettering and retouch.


The manga market is expanding and the need to letter and retouch manga is greater than ever. This requires a high quality, low cost, proven solution. Editors who have an increasing roster of titles and a shrinking time window for production need a resource to cover more ground.

Studio Cutie can bolster your current staff of letterers and supplement your knowledge base with our experience in manga. Or Studio Cutie can become your staff dedicated to realizing your manga production ambitions without the overhead of employee salaries, benefits and other recurring employee costs. Studio Cutie can also expand or contract as your needs fluctuate, scaling up or down with you as your publishing schedule demands.

However, Studio Cutie is not a factory, but rather a collective studio of talented lettering artists who have pooled their gifts under the guidance of Susie Lee to lead them. Susie provides a publisher or editor with the services they need to get their titles ready for publishing. At the same time Susie provides jobs for hungry freelance lettering professionals who are ready to do the work. Studio Cutie is a win-win proposition.


Studio Cutie takes on the cat-wrangling, hand-holding, and headaches of lettering and retouching manga. This frees up editors to do their important work. As a one-stop shop, Studio Cutie provides a publisher the ability to bring in one title or an entire line of manga, on time and on budget, without having to manage a rotating cast of freelance letterers or production people. Studio Cutie gives a line editor one point of contact from point A to point B and is a fire and forget manga production solution. Scans and script go in and digital files come out, ready for publication. It's that simple.